Andromeda, sweet Andromeda – her hair three shades lighter but her eyes just as dark, she’s made them want to protect her, like a sparrow, perched on their fingers, guarded by their cupped palms.

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delivered by a warded owl; a slight smudge of blood on one corner ➳ january 13th, 1979



Things are getting bad here don’t know how well informed He keeps your lot, but the giants are making a big bloody mess i’ll tell you that much. Before you ask - yeah, got battered around a bit, Nothing I can't handle though I reckon I'm black and blue all over. I think about you every day. Stay safe. i know we planned to meet but it's just too dangerous - I'm not even sure if seeing you at the end of this month is the right idea I'm sorry. We're close to the end. not long now. keep your sister safe. Narcissa needs you.

you have and always will be my best friend



Ted Edward, 

My lot are rather kept in the dark, especially those that are not within his inner circle. What I hear I hear through my sisters and their husbands. Bellatrix is much too vocal and Narcissa is prone to courtly gossip. Do try and take care of yourself, I would not have a Giant be your end. If anything it will be me, Edward James Tonks. I am afraid I must agree, it is much too dangerous to meet at this time. Mum and the other Blacks have been keeping an eye on me. I fear they suspect the worst. I must be careful and so should you. Narcissa has grown colder, but I promise I shall keep an eye on her. Tell who you can that I say hello and to keep strength. It is almost over. Thank Merlin. 

Don’t say that like it is a goodbye. 

Andy Andromeda.

For the thousandth time -


Andy, bloody hell, it’s not ironing if you just throw it in the cupboard and cross your fingers. There are laundry-related charms for a reason.


…Wait. Am I supposed to be your house elf? Is that the way this is going to turn out, this little arrangement? Me doing the housework while you luxuriate and read through my crime novel collection and wear my records thin? I could get used to that.

Is there really, Ted? I had absolutely no idea that there were charms that could clean the clothes. Perhaps you should show me how to do them properly. Usually throwing them in the cupboard and crossing my fingers gets the job done. It is not my fault it has stopped working all of a sudden. 

I’ve got so much to catch up on, you see. Mum would have used an unforgivable herself if she had seen a record in my room. How am I to broaden my horizon and enjoy the muggle culture if I have to do such rubbish as laundry? The novels happen to be addicting and I blame you entirely for getting me invested. 


Jake Gyllenhaal as Ted Tonks
Rose Byrne as Andromeda Black

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“But he who dares not grasp the thorn Should never crave the rose. -Anne Brontë

“But he who dares not grasp the thorn 
Should never crave the rose. -Anne Brontë